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5 Tips for baccarat

How to Play Baccarat: 5 Tips

Baccarat is a gambling game which new players can also master within a limited time. It is simple and easy to learn and most casinos offer baccarat games. The game is played with 6-8 decks and all cards have a value including ace from 1-9 all the face cards have a value of 0 and if any two cards sum over 10 then their value must be subtracted and the remaining sum is the count taken into consideration. the highest achievable total is nine called a natural and if you have two nines you will win for sure. If the house and the player have the same card count then its a tie and nobody wins or loses anything. The game starts by placing bets on the player side or the dealer side you can also bet on ties.

The best 5 Tips for baccarat that you will need to succeed in baccarat games

#1 Bet on the Banker:

As you will be aware that in baccarat a player can bet on banker's win, player's win and a tie. There is a high probability of winning on the banker's bet as it has the slimmest house edge. Many of you may find it weird to wager on the dealer's hand but there lies the trick. The difference between blackjack and baccarat is that unlike blackjack where you bet on cards in baccarat you bet on the hand and wagers on the dealer' hands have returned more success.

#2 Play slow:

Baccarat is a very fast game and about 60 to 75 decisions are taken every hour. So the casinos have an unfair advantage over the players in the long run where they will win for sure if number of hands played is more. The problem with playing fast is that the human brain makes error and does miscalculations under stress. Therefore it is advised for players to play a slow and cautious game.

#3 Don't try to keep score: 

Many of the players believe that keeping a cheat sheet to track the outcomes of previous ten-twenty hands will help them win for sure. But they are unaware of the fact that they will not succeed unless they can count cards or track portions of the shoe. The odds of winning in this way is very low and it is advised not to bet on patters.

#4 Don't lose hope:

Ties between banker and player give the biggest payouts with the nine to one odds but this is not a safe bet because the house edge on ties is more than 14 percent. But the odds of winning on a tie are very low and risky. Therefore every expert gambler will suggest you to avoid these bets.

#5 Know when to Stop:


The problem with gamblers is that they don't want to stop playing. If they are on a winning streak it is all good but if they start losing they tend to keep on playing till they go broke. Therefore always remember to quit the game if you have lost four to five games in a row.

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