Monday, 3 November 2014

Online Slots

Las Vegas on your screen

The process of playing online slots is fairly simple. Firstly, get registered with a reputed online casino and sign yourself up. However, secure banking facility and fair gaming experience is of prime importance and don’t get yourself registered unless sure of the casino. Before funding your account, try out playing a few games with the initial signing bonus (reputed casinos usually provide this facility) and check the game quality and graphics. Fund your account and supply the necessary information. When you are done with this you are ready to spin.

While there are plethora of slot machines available online, from the Dark Knight theme to the classic fruit theme, the variety of games offered can be listed down to a few. They are:

1. Straight Slots 

They are as they sound. Simple and uncomplicated. They are easy to understand and play and are an ideal start for someone playing for the first time. The pay out is standard pay table. However it does include some spin-offs to make it more interesting.
· Wildcard : this card has a special symbol which can be substituted for any other symbol and increases your chance of a payout.
· Multiplier : it multiplies your win by a factor of 2,5 etc.
· Bonus multiplier: it multiplies the bonus you receive provided the bonus multiplier card is present when you win the bonus. It more like a combination card of the wildcard and multiplier.
· Multiple Paylines: this allows you to bet on multiple lines at once. Some machines allow upto 20 lines. You end up betting more but your chances to win also increases.
· Buy a Pay : these slot machines allow you to bet on multiple pay out tables where each extra table in a an extra bet. The more you bet the more you can win.

2. Progressive Slots 

They are like standard slot machines with one big difference. Here the jackpot is shared between multiple casinos! Whenever each person bets, a small part of it is added to the jackpot. The person who spins the right combination takes it all. It is a very communal and fun game where everyone contributes to the victory and has lot of people coming back for it.

3. Bonus Game Slots

They are slot machines which give you bonus games when you spin a certain combination without any extra bets. It helps breaks the monotony of the spinning reels and you get a chance to win some extra cash without risking your money! They are always worth looking out for.

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