Thursday 18 August 2016

New Slot Games Tetralogy from Playtech

Age of Gods Sot Games Tetralogy

Playtech has recently launched some new slot games that are now available in a few online casinos. One of these games is a tetralogy called Age of Gods which consists the Age of Gods, The Prince of Olympus, Furious 4 and the King of Olympus.

All three slot games have as a theme the ancient Greek gods of course and have a huge jackpot linked to each other. The feeling is that these games will replace some of the marvel slots that will eventually be withdrawn from the market. This is why these games have the same jackpot as the marvel slot games.

There are 25 lines in all these particular slot, and the reel number is familiar too, at five. The lowest wager is 25p, which means placing one cent on each line. You can increase this significantly to $10 per line to the total big bet up to $250.

Why we like these new slot games

With a very modern and great graphics background, Age of the Gods looks fantastic – symbols on the reels includes all the gods mentioned above. Athena is the highest value symbol (of the gods) who rewards you with 1,000 times your line bet for 5 on a payline. The laurel wreath wild symbol is the most rewarding with 10,000 your line stake for 5 on a payline – it also substitutes for all symbols except the scatter.

Age of the Gods is probably the best of the Age of the Gods series – this is because it’s almost the same as the marvel slot Avengers which is one of the most popular slot games. .

Tuesday 1 December 2015

Live Casino Games Online

Play Casino Games with Live Dealers

Online casinos have a number of games that player can enjoy. Slot games, card games, table games, scratch cards, instant win games, skill games, virtual sports and the list go on and on. However, there is a particular set of casino games that is booming at the moment: Live Casino games. 

What are Live Casino Games

Live casino games are popular casino games like roulette, blackjack, baccarat and holdem, played with live dealers online. So, casino players get all the enjoyment of playing their favourite game but instead of a virtual machine dealing their blackjack cards or spinning the roulette wheel, there is an actual human doing it! There are many advantages of live casino games that are making them very popular at the moment compared to the machine/virtual games.

Main reasons that make live casino games so popular

  • Bringing the brick and mortal casino atmosphere in your own house, Playing casino games with a live dealer online, feels like you are in the casino. Sound and visual give players the feeling that are in a land based casino
  • Interaction with the live dealers. Players can chat with the live dealers which makes the games even more interactive and real
  • Feeling of fairness. A lot of casino players don't trust the virtual games and they believe that its more trustworthy to play with a live dealer
These are just a few of the reasons that make live casino games so popular. Through the years there are more games that have been added to the live casino sections of online casinos like live sic bo ( dice) and live Hi Lo. You can find a lot of information about all these games at websites like

The most popular live casino providers are Playtech and Microgaming that are broadcasting live games from Europe, Asia and South America. The most recent trends sees live casino games broadcasted on TV as well with Netplay TV and Smart Live casino broadcasting games from London directly to Channel 5 and Sky. 

Wednesday 28 October 2015

Popular Slot Games in UK

Popular Slot Games in UK

Creating a list of most popular online slot games available in United Kingdom is quite a daunting task. The reason behind is this that there are thousands of online slot games available in different genres and selecting one over the other to be pitched as a popular one can be fraught with distress as online gaming enthusiasts may differ on its selection depending upon their own personal choices. While selecting the most popular online slot sites, one must also consider the quality and the features associated with these games in order to differentiate between a good and a bad one. Although there are many articles dealing with this subject but creating a popularity list which can get full support of the whole slot machine gaming community is not possible. 

Even while opting for any of the games suggested in such articles, one must make sure that the online casino or slot site providing that particular game is a reputed one and is licensed to provide services in United Kingdom. 

What determines the popularity of a slot game in the UK

If we go by the different criteria for selecting most popular slot games available in United Kingdom, then the first one is based upon the frequency of search, opted by maximum numbers of player for a particular game. Based on this data slot games like Mega Moolah, Reel King and Cleopatra can be categorized as the three most popular slot machine games searched by gaming enthusiasts in United Kingdom. Even though their search frequency is very high, they cannot be categorized as most popular games as there might be another appropriate game in your view as compared to the three mentioned above depending upon other features such as bet range, number of paylines, bonus features, free spins, jackpot, and auto-play. After closely comparing the above mentioned games for the features mentioned before with other online slot machine games currently available in the market, to our surprise Mega Moolah, Reel King and Cleopatra again came out as the top ranking options.

If you like to use auto-play feature provided in a slot machine game then you will find Mega Moolah and Cleopatra lacking this feature which will make these two games not fit for your playing style. In such a scenario Reel King becomes the number one choice closely followed by Startburst and Millionaire Genie. Now if you want the most popular slot machine games based upon the number of pay-lines available in each game then Thunderstruck II, Twin $pin and Jurassic park can be considered as the three most popular slot machine games as all of these three games come with a huge range of 243 pay-lines. Depending upon the betting range; Monopoly, Genie Jackpots and Pharaoh’s fortune can be described as the most popular games as they come with betting range of 2p to £450, 20p to £500 and 15p to £450 respectively. 

Slot games and RTP

While listing the online slot machine games based upon their features, one cannot ignore the most important aspect related with online slot machine games i.e. Return to Player percentage which plays a very important role in creating demand for a particular game in online gaming circles. Depending upon RTP percentage, Jack hammer with RTP of 97% tops the popularity charts closely followed by South Park and Jurassic Park with RTP of 96.70% and 96.67 % respectively.

Friday 28 August 2015

Pros and Cons of Online Casino Gambling

Pros and Cons of Online Casino Gambling


Are you a fan of online casino gambling? If yes, this is a game that offers a lot of fun in addition to the prizes that you may end up wining at the end. Online gambling has become very popular, especially with the rapid development of internet technology that has taken place in the 21st century. However, just like any other game it has its advantages and disadvantages. This article offers you some of the pros and cons of online casino gambling.


Pros of Online Casino Gambling


· Online gambling is one of the most competitive markets, and there are many casinos in the market providing better and bigger promotions, bonus deals and reward programs so that you can play with them. Thus, you may end up wining a lot of prizes and cash by just playing your favorite games. 

Rules and regulations
· Online casinos have less strict rules and better odds than real life casinos. They also do not have similar overhead costs other real casinos have. This means that when you are not required to pay many bills, you have the option to give a lot more back to your local players.

Available 24/7

· Online casinos are available 24/7, meaning that you can play any time you want, online the real casinos where you have to visit them in order to play your favorite games. Thus, you do not require to travel, wait or face any form of inconvenience. All you need is internet connection and you can play any time, at any place. 

No crowds 

· Online casino gambling is excellence because you do not have to face the crowd found in real casinos. You avoid confrontation with other people due to behaviors that may be inappropriate such as smoking, drunkenness and use bad language as you play. Online casinos do not have such, so you can be enjoy playing the game without any worry of anything or anyone ruining your enjoyment. 

No tipping is involved
· It is not possible to tip staff at an online casino, simply because you cannot see them. Thus, you end up saving a lot. You can use all the money to play your favorite games, which may lead to wining of more prizes. 

Cons of Online Casino Gambling


· In most cases, withdrawals may take few days to come through, unlike in real life casino where you get cash instantly. This means that you may be inconvenienced if you wanted to use the money instantly or for emergency. 

Customer service

· In online casino gambling, there is no instant customer service. Despite that there is live chat or telephone support that is always available, the help provided is not as fast as face to face support in other real casinos. 

More addictive

· Despite that all forms on gambling are addictive, online gambling is more addictive because you can play at any time in any place. This means that you have high chances of getting used to playing and then get addicted which may not be good for your life. This is why it is always important to set strict time to play instead of playing just any time you have the urge to do so.

Friday 7 August 2015

3 Reasons why I like to play casino games online

3 Reasons why I like to play casino games online

When it comes to having a bit of fun gambling online, casino games can be an excellent way to try out my luck without having to take a long trip. For people like me who don't live anywhere near an actual casino, online games are a way to still experience the thrill of a good card game.

My top reason for liking online casino games is they are regulated.

When online poker sites first started up they were all pretty dodgy and many turned out busted by the government. People who had money invested in them lost out and it gave the genre a serious stigma. However, nowadays, a lot of reputable sites exist that I can visit and trust. If you are willing to shop online, gambling online presents the same dangers, and just like shopping, when you have a reliable site, it is both secure and convenient.

You don't have to dress up.

Since you are playing from your house, you don't have get dolled up to go out. Being able to sit back in pajamas, with a cup of coffee, and play a round or two of cards in the morning lull is a fun activity for a lazy weekend. A lot of sites also have forums and chat rooms where you can opt to interact with others if you feel like being chatty.

There is a lot of variety online.

It started out with just poker, but now you can fine online casinos that offer everything that a regular one has. A lot of good sites have slots, poker, roulette, blackjack, and some even have shops you can order stuff from. If you have limited mobility, its great to take a virtual trip that has a lot of pretty pictures and interactive links that let you imagine what it would be like in person.

Many help you limit yourself.

Gambling can be a serious problem for some people. Many online casinos have options to help you limit yourself by placing a suspension on your account or setting limits. Regulated sites know that it is in their best interest to offer a form of entertainment with limitations that can help players enjoy responsibly. Most decent sites will set limits for deposits, wagers, and play times. It is nice to be able to set it so that you can not loose more than a certain amount before you are cut off. Having someone else control that is helpful for a lot people.

Sunday 1 March 2015

Jungle Boogie Slots

Single Line Slot Game: Jungle Boogie Slots

Going on with our review of top ranking single slot machine games available at online slot sites or online casinos, today we will discuss Jungle Boogie Slots which is a product of Playtech. The players of this three lines and one pay line online slot machine game are provided with a chance to boogie their way to exceptional jackpots and fabulous payouts. This games is designed by Playtech to provide a full feel of Las Vegas type slot machine game and appropriate to the Las Vegas strip, this game allows the player to win immense payouts with range of four thousand times per pay line. The other best feature associated with this game is that players can access this game straight away without going through the hassle of downloading the gaming software of the casino or the game itself. 

Their experience with the land based casinos, gave Playtech an edge over all its competitors as they were privy to the knowledge of the requirements and the desires of the players interested in slot machine gaming thus making this game one of the classic slot machine games available today. Playtech is one of the behemoths of the online gaming industry which changed the scenario of online gaming by providing state of the art technology and immense research for the products specifically designed as per the specifications of their clients from all over the world. Jungle Boogie Slots is easily available on all the casinos using the gaming platform produced by Playtech.


The slot game experience

As the name suggests, the theme of this game is based on a forest which is home to animals like tigers, monkeys, cheetah, fish, and parrots and so on. These animals have been provided with the honor of being the symbols used in this slot machine game. The premises of this game is to strike a winning combination of symbols on the reels thus allowing the players to claim the winning as per the winning combinations mentioned in the payout schedule of this game. Due to lower level of the volatility and low risk ratio along with the simplicity of the game itself, this game can be played by all level of players starting from beginners to the connoisseurs of online gaming. Even with the ease of this game, the basic character of fun and entertainment is still there. 

The players of this game can choose from the various sizes of coins available in this game which range from 0.01 to 5.0. Depending upon the size of bankroll of the player, one to three coins can be used to play this game with each spin. The size of the prize money is directly proportionate to the number and size of coins used by the players. For a single coin, a player can opt for the top prize of 1000 into line bet thus going on to 3000 multiple of line bet. This game has the potential of giving out a grand prize of more than twenty thousand if a player is able to strike three tigers on the screen and using the maximum coin size. 

All in all, Jungle Boogie is very simple slot machine game which does not have any complicated bonus features which are associated with other slot machine games of the third generation. The payout table has the ability to provide big prizes to the eligible players. Interested players can play this game in free mode/ practice mode at various online casino sites. To play with real money, interested players can opt out of any of these casinos such as Omni Casino, City Club Online Casino, bet365 Casino, Fly Casino or Club 777 Casino.

Sunday 8 February 2015

The Most Popular Online Casino Games

A Brief Description of The Most Popular Online Casino Games 

Casinos are a place in which you can feature the best quality gambling activities and its development has made online casinos an extremely realistic term. These online games are usually referred to as virtual casino games or internet casino games. Usually, these casinos are placed in the top hotels, eateries and many other tourist attractions such as the star cruises. However, the quality you usually get at these places, is amazing compared to other land based casinos. Furthermore, to be able to play these online casino games you require downloading software programs. Different online companies typically, rent or purchase such high-quality software package. The most widely used gambling software programs are Microgaming, Realtime Gaming, and Playtech, etc.

Generally, online casinos may be grouped into 3 categories. These are web-based casinos, download-based casinos, and live casinos. In the first category the user is able to play all kinds of online casino games without installing the software on his system while, for the next one you must download the appropriate software and this type typically, operates quicker than any other one. Nevertheless, enjoying casino games in a live casino just by sitting on your desktop could be the most interesting choice. It enables the player to communicate with the real world casino environment. A participant may also interact with live dealers there. 

So far as the online casino games are concerned there are literally thousands of games accessible which include Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, online Slot Machines, online Poker, and Craps and so on. Many of these casino games are also free of cost.

Most popular casino games

Now let's discuss a few of the online games in depth. The best known of all is the Roulette. This game is extensively played in most casinos worldwide; however, before getting involved with any such games, ensure that you are clear about the rules and guidelines regarding that game. In the game of Roulette, an individual might opt to play bets on any one of the numbers or even on a range of numbers. However, there are basically two kinds of bets in this game. One is the inside bet while the other one is the outside bet. You will find various betting techniques and strategies for every game. For this we have a Martingale gambling technique. In this, the player needs to double the bet after each loss. It is not the successful bet while, the other one is known as Fibonacci sequence. In this particular technique, bets are ascertained according to the Fibonacci sequence.

Another well-known game played on a number of online casinos is the Online Poker. The income generated from this game is primarily from 4 different techniques. The first one is the rake. It is accumulated from almost all of the real money cash games. Another is the pre-schedule multi-table tournaments. The third is that certain online poker website games such as blackjack also are offered in which the participant plays for the real money. Finally, virtually all online poker sites invest the cash that gamers deposit. In this particular game, bonuses are also provided to the player. 

Another fascinating online casino game is the slot machine. You will discover traditional slot machines comprising of several reels and are usually operated with coins. This game generally entails matching symbols either on mechanical reels or on video screens. The technique of computing the payouts differs in every machine. Recently, multi-denomination slot machines have already been launched. This machine mechanically computes the number of credits according to the player's choice. In this age of online casino games, flash casino games are getting extremely popular too. These games are developed from the Flash technology. At times, these games are also referred to as no download games and are a lot better than the other standard games. 

This advancement of online casinos makes the casino games available for people all around the world and has made super easy for you because it is only right at your fingertips.

Saturday 20 December 2014

How to Play Online Single Line Slots

How to Play Online Single Line Slots

Once upon a time, the slots were the medium for the seasoned gamblers to earn their living but with the rising popularity of the online casinos as well as slot sites, now every eligible player has some experience of online slot machine games whether in the form of pure entertainment or a bid to enlarge the existing bankroll saved for online gambling. This attraction to the online slot machine games can be attributed to the fact that they are very easy to play and anybody can learn very easily how to participate in online slot machine games. The other big factor for this attraction is the large amount of cash money in the form of jackpots or prizes associated with these games.

New players tend to get confused when faced with the sheer number of online slot machine games available today. They are not able to make a decision whether they should participate in classic slot machine games, five reel games, video slots, bonus slots or progressive jackpot slots. With the state of the art technologies used to develop the new generation of slot machine games, they have become somewhat complicated but the new players can always start their careers by participating in the classic slot machine games. 

What you need to know about slingle line slots

The only thing which is required to play a classic one line slot machine game is to go through the manuals associated with these games and learn about the basics of these games.
The new players are advised to start with classic single line slot machine games in spite of the fact whether they are playing these games at online casino or a land based casino. These slots have three reels and a single pay line which makes it very easy to understand and master. There is not much of difference between the slot machine games available in the land based casino or the online casinos or slot sites. The main question related to the latter two options is how you will collect your winnings! So before going with all guns blazing to participate in online slot machine games, it is preferred to first sign up with a reputed online casino or slot games sites. There are many online casinos operating in the cyber world such as Ladbrokes, Grosvenor, William Hill and so on. By joining reputed online casinos sites, the players decreases their chances of getting duped by fraudulent online slot sites and casinos which are operating in the cyber world just to take advantage of gullible new players. 

To learn the premise of a classic single line slot machine game is very easy. The player just has to hit the spin button which will start the reels and in end will stop at a pay line. The symbol appearing on the pay line will determine the size of the payout or the jackpot associated with a particular game. The players can easily learn about the payouts by going through the schedules related with payout which are available with majority of the online slot machine games. By going through these schedules, players can take notice of the combination of the symbols which are required for the smallest payout to the largest one. Some of the symbols are provided as wild symbols in these games. The main motive behind providing these special symbols is to provide players with a chance to replace any other symbol with the wild ones thus converting a losing scenario to something much more worthwhile.

 After single line slots

After mastering the classic one line slot machine games, interested players can then move on to the multiple reels slot machine games which have at least three pay lines. In these multiple pay line games, the players have to wager extra coins so that extra pay lines become eligible for him or her. If you are just going to play with a least coin wager then you will end up having the middle line as pay out line. If a player uses the three coins then all the three lines becomes the pay lines thus increasing the chances of winning. If a player is able to strike a winning combination on any of these three lines, then he or she is eligible for the jackpot.

Wednesday 10 December 2014

Blackjack Basic Rules and Tips

Blackjack Basic Rules in Casinos and Pro Tips

The table where there are a lot of people in a casino is probably the blackjack table. This is a game that is really easy to play and it takes a short time to win adn become a suitable casino game. This gives the players a lot of time to get revenge from the dealer. People who play blackjack can win instantly and avoid a total loss at some kind of strategy. This makes the game a very famous sport in casinos.

House Rules


The game is simple. You just have to have a total card value of 21. This is called black jack. You can hit this at the first two cards if you have a ten, jack, queen or king since all of them have ten as a value and an ace. The ace can have one or 11 as a value depending on your choice. 
There are other steps that can be taken if the first scenario does not happen. You can stick with the cards and say stand. You can surrender but leave half of the bet on the table. You can split if you have two cards of the same value. And you can hit, this means you need another card.

5 Tips for blackjack


Remember that this is a game based on luck and chance, but that does not meant you can’t have some kind of strategy. The first tip is to avoid bust. You can do this by saying stand only if you have cards that have a high value like 19 or 20. If you take a hit with these numbers you have a very high chance of going bust. A number of 19 or 20 can already be your winning cards. Take a hit if you have cards with a value of 10 to 15 to take a chance at a lower card. If you get an ace you should use it as a one.

Second is that splitting is suggested if you two low cards of the same value. If you have high cards of the same value then it is better to take a hit. This is because you would not want to spend your money using two hands at the same time if they can give a larger chance at winning if they are together.

Third, make the dealer take a lot of cards until he goes bust. You can only do this if you keep on receiving cards of low value in every hit since the dealer will hit a card if others will have a hit. As the numbers go up you get a higher chance at the win against the other players. Just keep avoiding bust.

Fourth, know when to stop. Look at the grin in those faces, which means they are winning; unless they are good at poker face. Assess the abilities of the other players, try to think about the habits of pros in the game and this will give you a good idea about the other players. 
Last but not the least, trust your instincts. This is a game of risk and chances, so why not take the risk and chance to its edge. If you think that the next hand has a better odd then go for it. If your gut says the dealer has a good hand then surrender. Trust me; the real skill comes better as you go further.

Monday 1 December 2014

History Of Blackjack

  Overview Of The History Of Blackjack

As many other games, researchers are still not able to trace back the origin of Blackjack, and even to this day, the history of Blakjack is continuously debated. Up till now, there has not been any clear and steady consensus, but it is widely agreed that Blackjack most likely originated from around 1700 in French casinos. Allegedly, it was known as “Vingt-et-Un” back then, which means “twenty-one” in French, which is still an alternate name for Blackjack even today. It is widely believed that this card game likely originates from Chemin de Fer and French Ferme, two French card games that were quite trendy back then.

Other versions of Blackjack

Apparently, another version of Blackjack called “One and Thirty” was widespread in Spain. In this Spanish version, players had to get 31 points on their first three cards.

Another theory about the history of Blackjack is that it was the Romans who had invented this card game. It believed this game was played by the Romans using wooden blocks that were assigned varying numerical values. There could be some truth behind this theory since the Romans were fond of gambling, however, it is unlikely that this theory could actually be confirmed.

Out of all the other versions of Blackjack, it was apparently “21” or “'Vingt-et-Un” that kept on becoming more and more popular, reaching gamblers far and wide. Eventually, the French colonists ended up introducing it to North American and soon, gamblers through the continent were playing it. However, unlike the contemporary or modern version of Blackjack that is widely played today, the rules back then were not the same. Back then, that former version of Blackjack did not permit the dealer to double. Moreover, for every playing cards dealt, there used to be a betting round.

Back in 1931, when gambling was declared legal in the state of Nevada for the very first time, Blackjack was still known as “21.” Back then, even a special bet was being offered by certain casinos, so as to attract more people to the card game. They were offering to pay ten-to-one odds on the bet of any lucky player who managed to get a hand feature the Jack of Clubs or the Jack of Spades, i.e. the two black jacks, along with the Ace of Spades. Although this odd payout was later discontinued by those casinos, the name “black jack” or “blackjack” stuck to the game, and it ended up becoming the popular Blackjack that is played today.

Blackjack in the America

Blackjack had become big business in American casinos by the 1960s. The rules of the game had also been firmly established. However, the game took an absolutely unexpected turn. The rules of the game were changed by casinos, which provided them an edge over players, providing the dealer with an automatic advantage. This was how the concept of counting cards was developed.

Hence, it was not just a single person who ended up conceiving Blackjack at some definite point of time. Rather, it took centuries and centuries for this card game to evolve, and even today, the evolution and growth of the card game continues, all because of the Internet. The online casino industry has fueled the popularity of Blackjack, as a result of which a variety of versions of the game have developed, and it has become quite revolutionary.

Monday 17 November 2014

Tips for Blackjack

Beating the Odds of Casino Table Games like Blackjack

Casinos have been around for decades because of the entertainment and easy money channel that they provide. If you want to find entertainment and at the same time earn a huge amount of money, getting the right technique and strategy on your chosen casino game is your key to success.

There are wide arrays of casino games that you can try and it is very important for you to choose the right game based on your available knowledge and technique. Some of the most popular casino games include roulette, slot machine, video lottery and poker, bingo and blackjack

Introduction to Blackjack Games


Blackjack is one of the most challenging table games that you can try. Millions of players consider this game as one of the unbeatable games that you find on the gaming table. The ultimate goal of this game is to beat the dealer and win the money on the table at the most probable gaming technique you can apply before other players can outwit you.
Blackjack game involves a lot of patience, mind focus and analytical thinking in order for you to beat the odds and rules of the game.Basic Rules and Techniques:
  • Set your limit

Playing with the gambling pros can give you a greater challenge to win the game and bring home a portion of their wealth. In order for you to take advantage of the game, setting your limit is one important factor that you should consider. Always read the table limits and focus on the minimum and maximum amount of bet and choose which of them fits the amount of money you are willing to put down the table. Aside from the betting scheme, you should be aware of the first two cards that you can double down and as well as the first two cards that you can split up.
  • Find an Honest and Reputable Casino Dealer

Dealers also differ when it comes to the gaming techniques and skills that they will showcase on the game. It is better for you to get to know a little about the dealer before you finally seat on the table.
  • Stay in Control

Drinks, bartenders and promo girls would sure be around on some elite casinos and you should know where to place yourself. If you want to earn and play seriously, you should limit yourself on the amount of liquor you will grab and who will you converse with in order to stay focused on the game.
  • Play with the Right Mind and Strategy

When everything turns back out of your favor, you should know how to keep focused and motivated on the game. Blackjack is played with one or more standard 52-decks cards and each has its own value so imagine how hard it is to find the right combination.

You should always stay in control and do not let your negative emotions or sudden shift of temper get in the way.

Wednesday 12 November 2014

3 Reasons Why I like playing Casino Online

  3 Reasons Why I like playing Casino Online 

roulette online
The internet is not only the newest marketplace but it also considered as the latest gaming and entertainment hub. The internet can give you thousands of reasons why you would not have to feel boredom at any point of the day. It can also give you factoids, information and important facts that you were never aware of in just a matter of seconds. Everything is on fast track as we speak of the internet technology.

Why Online Gaming is a Buzz Word in the Internet?

Gaming is not only exclusive for strategy games or online doll games for young girls. Even real cash casino games are also available online. The casino games that you used to see on Vegas and Macau are already on the internet and all can be enjoyed right at the privacy of your homes. Since the internet has introduced online storefronts and online payment systems, things have been a lot easier with casino games like roulette, blackjack and slots online slotsThere are lots of reasons why you should play online casino. To be able to provide you straight forward answers, we wrapped them up and came up with the three major reasons.

Convenience and Gaming Diversity

Who would not want to earn a huge amount of money on baccarat, poker, roulette and other casino games right at their own home? Aside from the security it offers, this can also let you have the chance to save time and effort than driving miles just to reach the nearest casino on your locality.

Diversity is also one good reason why thousands of people choose online casino games than traditional ones. If you are looking for more innovative and advanced gaming systems, you can find them on online casino games. Game developers find it easier to install and execute a software or application that can make them run a new online casino game than find a team of steel and wheel builders to build the new gaming machine on the physical location of the casino.

Free Offers and Bonuses

If you want to get bonuses, online membership and free registrations can be your better options. Most of the online casino sites offer good deals to new members of their site in order to keep them active and consistent on the site.
Free offers are all part of the marketing efforts of online casino sites so why not take advantage of them? Some sites can let you play various casino games for free on your first day or upon registration and imagine how great this opportunity can be.

Security of Casino Players

Whether you admit it or not, money can take the evil side of humans if everything goes beyond their control. If you want to protect your identity and put a safety barrier on any casino deal you have, taking it online is a good way to do it. You do not have to let anyone know that you are playing online and the rest of the money transfers can be done without your presence and intervention.

Monday 3 November 2014

Online Slots

Las Vegas on your screen

The process of playing online slots is fairly simple. Firstly, get registered with a reputed online casino and sign yourself up. However, secure banking facility and fair gaming experience is of prime importance and don’t get yourself registered unless sure of the casino. Before funding your account, try out playing a few games with the initial signing bonus (reputed casinos usually provide this facility) and check the game quality and graphics. Fund your account and supply the necessary information. When you are done with this you are ready to spin.

While there are plethora of slot machines available online, from the Dark Knight theme to the classic fruit theme, the variety of games offered can be listed down to a few. They are:

1. Straight Slots 

They are as they sound. Simple and uncomplicated. They are easy to understand and play and are an ideal start for someone playing for the first time. The pay out is standard pay table. However it does include some spin-offs to make it more interesting.
· Wildcard : this card has a special symbol which can be substituted for any other symbol and increases your chance of a payout.
· Multiplier : it multiplies your win by a factor of 2,5 etc.
· Bonus multiplier: it multiplies the bonus you receive provided the bonus multiplier card is present when you win the bonus. It more like a combination card of the wildcard and multiplier.
· Multiple Paylines: this allows you to bet on multiple lines at once. Some machines allow upto 20 lines. You end up betting more but your chances to win also increases.
· Buy a Pay : these slot machines allow you to bet on multiple pay out tables where each extra table in a an extra bet. The more you bet the more you can win.

2. Progressive Slots 

They are like standard slot machines with one big difference. Here the jackpot is shared between multiple casinos! Whenever each person bets, a small part of it is added to the jackpot. The person who spins the right combination takes it all. It is a very communal and fun game where everyone contributes to the victory and has lot of people coming back for it.

3. Bonus Game Slots

They are slot machines which give you bonus games when you spin a certain combination without any extra bets. It helps breaks the monotony of the spinning reels and you get a chance to win some extra cash without risking your money! They are always worth looking out for.

Friday 24 October 2014

5 Tips for baccarat

How to Play Baccarat: 5 Tips

Baccarat is a gambling game which new players can also master within a limited time. It is simple and easy to learn and most casinos offer baccarat games. The game is played with 6-8 decks and all cards have a value including ace from 1-9 all the face cards have a value of 0 and if any two cards sum over 10 then their value must be subtracted and the remaining sum is the count taken into consideration. the highest achievable total is nine called a natural and if you have two nines you will win for sure. If the house and the player have the same card count then its a tie and nobody wins or loses anything. The game starts by placing bets on the player side or the dealer side you can also bet on ties.

The best 5 Tips for baccarat that you will need to succeed in baccarat games

#1 Bet on the Banker:

As you will be aware that in baccarat a player can bet on banker's win, player's win and a tie. There is a high probability of winning on the banker's bet as it has the slimmest house edge. Many of you may find it weird to wager on the dealer's hand but there lies the trick. The difference between blackjack and baccarat is that unlike blackjack where you bet on cards in baccarat you bet on the hand and wagers on the dealer' hands have returned more success.

#2 Play slow:

Baccarat is a very fast game and about 60 to 75 decisions are taken every hour. So the casinos have an unfair advantage over the players in the long run where they will win for sure if number of hands played is more. The problem with playing fast is that the human brain makes error and does miscalculations under stress. Therefore it is advised for players to play a slow and cautious game.

#3 Don't try to keep score: 

Many of the players believe that keeping a cheat sheet to track the outcomes of previous ten-twenty hands will help them win for sure. But they are unaware of the fact that they will not succeed unless they can count cards or track portions of the shoe. The odds of winning in this way is very low and it is advised not to bet on patters.

#4 Don't lose hope:

Ties between banker and player give the biggest payouts with the nine to one odds but this is not a safe bet because the house edge on ties is more than 14 percent. But the odds of winning on a tie are very low and risky. Therefore every expert gambler will suggest you to avoid these bets.

#5 Know when to Stop:


The problem with gamblers is that they don't want to stop playing. If they are on a winning streak it is all good but if they start losing they tend to keep on playing till they go broke. Therefore always remember to quit the game if you have lost four to five games in a row.

Friday 3 October 2014

Why is Online Roulette so popular

Why is Online Roulette so popular

If you are new to online casinos then you probably dont know that roulete is the most popular online casino game. Most casino players love playing roulette online for many reasons. We will just explain the man reasons that make online roulette so popular.

5 Reasons why Roulette is so popular

  • It is the easiest casino game! The rules of roulette are very simple and everyone can learn how to play roulette withiin a few minutes. Red or Blakc or betting pon numbers are the most popular bets
  • Great variety of games.  You can play European Roueltte, French or American roulette
  •  The roulette wheel makes the game exciting. The roulette wheel and ball certainly adds to the drama and increases the interest in the game
  • Online roulette is a  very fast game, and someone can win or lose a lot of money very quick. The pace of play definitely delivers the excitement you expect from casino gambling.
  •  The game is totally random. In every round you have teh same chances to win or lose which makes the game more fair

These are just a few of the main reasons why online roulette is the most popular online casino game. a lot of online casinos offer more than one casino tables for roulette with different table limits.

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