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Blackjack Basic Rules and Tips

Blackjack Basic Rules in Casinos and Pro Tips

The table where there are a lot of people in a casino is probably the blackjack table. This is a game that is really easy to play and it takes a short time to win adn become a suitable casino game. This gives the players a lot of time to get revenge from the dealer. People who play blackjack can win instantly and avoid a total loss at some kind of strategy. This makes the game a very famous sport in casinos.

House Rules


The game is simple. You just have to have a total card value of 21. This is called black jack. You can hit this at the first two cards if you have a ten, jack, queen or king since all of them have ten as a value and an ace. The ace can have one or 11 as a value depending on your choice. 
There are other steps that can be taken if the first scenario does not happen. You can stick with the cards and say stand. You can surrender but leave half of the bet on the table. You can split if you have two cards of the same value. And you can hit, this means you need another card.

5 Tips for blackjack


Remember that this is a game based on luck and chance, but that does not meant you can’t have some kind of strategy. The first tip is to avoid bust. You can do this by saying stand only if you have cards that have a high value like 19 or 20. If you take a hit with these numbers you have a very high chance of going bust. A number of 19 or 20 can already be your winning cards. Take a hit if you have cards with a value of 10 to 15 to take a chance at a lower card. If you get an ace you should use it as a one.

Second is that splitting is suggested if you two low cards of the same value. If you have high cards of the same value then it is better to take a hit. This is because you would not want to spend your money using two hands at the same time if they can give a larger chance at winning if they are together.

Third, make the dealer take a lot of cards until he goes bust. You can only do this if you keep on receiving cards of low value in every hit since the dealer will hit a card if others will have a hit. As the numbers go up you get a higher chance at the win against the other players. Just keep avoiding bust.

Fourth, know when to stop. Look at the grin in those faces, which means they are winning; unless they are good at poker face. Assess the abilities of the other players, try to think about the habits of pros in the game and this will give you a good idea about the other players. 
Last but not the least, trust your instincts. This is a game of risk and chances, so why not take the risk and chance to its edge. If you think that the next hand has a better odd then go for it. If your gut says the dealer has a good hand then surrender. Trust me; the real skill comes better as you go further.

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