Sunday, 1 March 2015

Jungle Boogie Slots

Single Line Slot Game: Jungle Boogie Slots

Going on with our review of top ranking single slot machine games available at online slot sites or online casinos, today we will discuss Jungle Boogie Slots which is a product of Playtech. The players of this three lines and one pay line online slot machine game are provided with a chance to boogie their way to exceptional jackpots and fabulous payouts. This games is designed by Playtech to provide a full feel of Las Vegas type slot machine game and appropriate to the Las Vegas strip, this game allows the player to win immense payouts with range of four thousand times per pay line. The other best feature associated with this game is that players can access this game straight away without going through the hassle of downloading the gaming software of the casino or the game itself. 

Their experience with the land based casinos, gave Playtech an edge over all its competitors as they were privy to the knowledge of the requirements and the desires of the players interested in slot machine gaming thus making this game one of the classic slot machine games available today. Playtech is one of the behemoths of the online gaming industry which changed the scenario of online gaming by providing state of the art technology and immense research for the products specifically designed as per the specifications of their clients from all over the world. Jungle Boogie Slots is easily available on all the casinos using the gaming platform produced by Playtech.


The slot game experience

As the name suggests, the theme of this game is based on a forest which is home to animals like tigers, monkeys, cheetah, fish, and parrots and so on. These animals have been provided with the honor of being the symbols used in this slot machine game. The premises of this game is to strike a winning combination of symbols on the reels thus allowing the players to claim the winning as per the winning combinations mentioned in the payout schedule of this game. Due to lower level of the volatility and low risk ratio along with the simplicity of the game itself, this game can be played by all level of players starting from beginners to the connoisseurs of online gaming. Even with the ease of this game, the basic character of fun and entertainment is still there. 

The players of this game can choose from the various sizes of coins available in this game which range from 0.01 to 5.0. Depending upon the size of bankroll of the player, one to three coins can be used to play this game with each spin. The size of the prize money is directly proportionate to the number and size of coins used by the players. For a single coin, a player can opt for the top prize of 1000 into line bet thus going on to 3000 multiple of line bet. This game has the potential of giving out a grand prize of more than twenty thousand if a player is able to strike three tigers on the screen and using the maximum coin size. 

All in all, Jungle Boogie is very simple slot machine game which does not have any complicated bonus features which are associated with other slot machine games of the third generation. The payout table has the ability to provide big prizes to the eligible players. Interested players can play this game in free mode/ practice mode at various online casino sites. To play with real money, interested players can opt out of any of these casinos such as Omni Casino, City Club Online Casino, bet365 Casino, Fly Casino or Club 777 Casino.

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